Numbers instead of just a bar

I would like to see a actual number countdown as to how many more points are needed to complete each perk instead of just a bar


OMgosh YES! Although, I would be out of a job, because I always keep the team updated… 20,000 points to go, 10,000 points, 5,000 points… and so on LOL


Would be nice, but our Leader usually keeps us posted. I’m not sure if she is gets this because she is a leader, or she watches the top teams and when they get their perks.

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Thanks to tripeaks for stabling their requirements for what it takes to earn perks, and to @Miranda for figuring out and posting the perk completion chart, it’s easier to know what it takes to get perks done. Not long ago, it was anybody’s guess. And, no, leaders don’t have inside info. That would be nice too. :slight_smile: