Number of players require for cq

Our team (Gold) recently dropped to 16 players. We had 23 but booted several who never played and those who would not or could not follow participation rules. The players required to get tribute quest is still 19. Does that number ever drop to reflect a number that is reachable with the current number of existing players?

I don’t think it will drop. Try to recruit new members that will follow the rules! Good luck!

It does reduce if you ignore club quests, takes about a week to reset itself. We also did a house cleaning project. Myself and another player have 2nd accounts and used them to help with the tribute quest as we were not on a reset week.
I feel your frustration!
The reset week, we call a bank.week where we just focus on keeping the volcano cool and use the week to just collect as many coins we can and the coin friend exchange

Thank you for responding, Tracy!

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Thank you for your reply.