Number of Members For Club Quest

Thanks a bunch for making a club quest with TWENTY club members on a holiday for a lot of people. I noticed it is back to 18, as we of course didn’t make ours as ppl are on vacation, etc. I could have sworn it was not always 18, but regardless 20 is unfair and a joke.


Agreed! Like ours is currently 1,440 red stars/18 player min - that’s 70 stars per player AFTER half of the red star week has been completed! WTH & it’s only for 1 wild to boot! Grrrr…

I was happy to see it was it is lower today, 16, which is more realistic. Besides ppl having life to take care of, and our team seems to be good about informing our leader, there are always those handful of ppl who are just don’t care, and are not as into the game. I think there are very few teams where all 25 play daily. Also, I know my team is global, so there is that time zone factor

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