Number of Levels

IAM trying to figure out how you get to a level if I don’t have it…
I am in the very last level of the game. But… Someone I know is on another level Floating Falls. And it says they are on 104.
Mine only went to 90.
How do I get to above that …
Am I doing it or did I do something wrong?
Trying to figure out how to get to some of the levels I may have missed.
I really don’t understand.
Did anyone understand my question?
Can anyone help out

Have you won the last one, #90? If you have than just click the island icon and you can carry on to the next one, Crystal cliffs. The only way to progress through is by winning a game

I won it and I won chrstal cliffs also. IAM on last level Paradise. That is why I was asking about the 104. So if I won the last one on Floating Falls should I be getting a 91 92 etc. Or I just go on to Chrystal’s Cliffs. Because I already did it. I never seen no 104 for Floating Falls . Let alone 91 92 93 etc. What do I do to see those numbers?
Sorry if I am confusing you. I can be a pain

Sorry but I think I have it figured out… Does Chyrstal Cliffs now become A part of Floating falls.
It sort of had me wondering. Why does the name not change from floating falls to Chrstal Cliffs now.
It didn’t make sense to me still don’t… lol Weird . Just like me…