Number of gold Gold bars..

Does anyone know the exact number of gold bars available in the club tournaments? Asking for a friend!!

Not sure the total number of gold bars, but they tap on the ?, on the top left, once there to see information shown below to get an ideal of how much digs it takes to get the number of gold bars per random hole.


Ahhhh thank you for the info ,it did help…:blush::+1:

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It seems, the more people that sign up for the dig the more deep holes there are. I have noticed when we have just 10 people there are a lot of holes with 1 or 2. When we have had 14 people then there are a lot more holes with 8 (that is the most I have seen). You can tell it is a deeper hole if after a few shovels the hole is still small.

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Thank you for responding, I have wondered if that wasn’t the deal and then I noticed the darker the color the deeper you dig…