Number of days you have to play boat race

We thought the race lasted for 4 days, but our members are only getting to play 3.

Wednesday night the game said day 3 of 4. Thursday morning the race was over. We did not get a chance to play.

The boat race is only for 3 days; hopefully the many glitches [including this one] will be fix on their next update.


Thanks. We do enjoy the race

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This was shared by another player.


Day 1 is qualifying then 3 days of play I think

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Peter should have said there are 3 days of Boat Race:
1st day [qualifying day] = 1 play
2nd and 3rd day = 7 plays each day [plays DO NOT rollover, use or lose]


They count the qualifying day as DAY ONE…then 3 more days w/7 plays each. All total, 220 points possible.

Ok, we seem to only get 1 day to qualify and 3 days to play. However, our team member in Australia says she is only getting 2 days to play. Can anyone explain that?