Nudge inactive players

I would love to be able to give inactive players a friendly nudge (reminder) vs kicking them from the club. Also, I think the info should say the day they joined vs the month, or how many days they have been a member.


I love both those idea’s too!

When looking for members to join our clubs, I look at their point potential, by seeing how many points they have earned since joining the club they are in. When it says the points were earned since September, I don’t know if they how many weeks they have been playing.


My club has a big problem ! The leader is inactive for a year now. We need to delete her and about a dozen others nearing a year of inactivity.
Since only the Leader has permissions to clean up the club…WHAT CAN WE DO ?


Join my club instead! :slight_smile:

Really, the only thing you can do is join another club, or create another club.

Are you friends with others in your club, that you would like to continue playing with? If so, you might want to start another club so you can still play together.


Create your own club and let the members in the current club know and they can join and u can start fresh


That’s a fabulous idea! They also shohld add a private chat for Leaders/co-leaders.


Nothing. It happened to me and I asked in Forum. Many replies told me tripeaks does nothing about them. You have to leave. I started my own club. What a difference now with players actually playing.


We have our players join our Facebook messenger group so that we can communicate better

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@Ashley_Knadel I agree. Sometimes life gets busy and I would like a way to know if my members have quit the game or maybe just had an emergency. A nudge could give them a notification to log in, let me know in chat what is going on, and then I know not to kick them!


Do you actually remove them if they do not join messenger? I have posted that I want them to join, I was ignored. Then I put it in rules but, as a suggestion. I did get 5 replies that they aren’t on FB. Nothing else. The ones who replied are my top earners 30 to 40 ppw.