Notes next to Chat

When will the Notes be rolled out to everybody? I am a club leader but do not have this feature yet, whereas some of my team members do have it.


As far as I understand it has started rolling out. If you haven’t gotten it I would contact support through the help on the game

@Tracy, I think it’s still in testing. I don’t have it on any of my 4 accounts.

Possibly? More people in my club recieved it

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As leader, I don’t have it yet and neither do my co-leaders but players do!

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I do have the chat notes now, but want to know is it limited to amount of notes or characters?
I posted 4 notes and the add button has disappeared.

if you don’t have Club Notes yet, uninstall & reinstall your app! That worked for me :slight_smile:

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In my opinion, repeated complaints of folks not reading/responding to chat has resulted in the new club notes. However, as a leader, I now feel the obligation to change it daily as folks are going to get tired of the same message over and over. Also, if you don’t read chat, you can’t access it so not sure how my team will utilize the board. Any ideas from others how to actually make it beneficial to our team?

Same here. Not quite sure how to make good use of it. Most club members have it now.

I started with good Saturday Morning! My team has suggested birthdays, how many points required for each perk…bet we figure it out!

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I put our FB group info, and our webpage url in the notes. I think I’ll put the club rules in there, and free up the motto for cute sayings

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Do we know how long the message is supposed to last? I would think till it was changed but several times today when I log in to play, the message I left earlier in the day is gone. Thoughts?

New to game and everything to do with this so I must ask…y do u have 4 accounts? Just have to know!! :grin:

Hopefully team members will be able to reply other than chat.

@NJPanic, I created accounts as I created clubs. I have a FB account for each Tripeaks account, & I fulfill the point requirement for each club. Of course, I’m leader, so I get to say what the requirement is LOL

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Have to go in like your updating the app once I did this I was able to update & the notes appeared. Just delete & reinstall the old app & once the new one is in place you’ll see the update there. And then you’ll have your notes. Good luck.
All star perks.

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Be thankful you don’t have it yet = it is annoying!!! It shows up every single time you open your chat window and its awful!! I wish it didn’t pop up everytime and you had the option to open it when you want too.

@Sharon, mine haven’t disappeared at all. Hopefully that resolves for you soon!

That’s where I sent a feedback to Tripeaks that there should be a check box to mark as read. Once Notes is edited that you would have to check box so it doesn’t keep popping up. I think notes should automatically pop up once a person logs onto the game so players are forced to see it, not when you open chat.


That would be great. Now, we have no way to know who has read and is just ignoring or maybe doesn’t even have it.