First I do want to say I’m loving the hold card slot in Tiki Seas. It adds a whole nother level of strategy, woo hoo.

What is going on with this Great Race event, though? Seriously. I won something like a hundred and twenty games yesterday (and we all know how many I had to play to win that many) and got ONE lousy wildcard out of it? I can watch a couple of videos and get that. Utterly ridiculous that you can’t track your progress. And I have a hard time believing that I was only in the top 5000.

You weren’t that far behind winning more. I won 162 games and got 5 wilds. If you get over 150 you get 5 wilds or thats generally the case.

@Katie_Maughan I won 168 & only got 1. Usual rubbish with this game they give who they want to

Strange! You would think for something like the great race they wouldn’t rip you off.
I much prefer the trial version where you can see how many you are going to get and where you are within the great race leaderboard but this time I didn’t get that version and was back to the old one