Not receiving a small gift box

Hi my name is Tami, i am the leader of the team Always Playing…one of our players gifted us a small gift box but I did not receive mine on 4-9-20, my screen froze and I thought I received it but when I got back into the game it was not there, can you help? Thank you

I suggest you put a ticket in through the help tab in the game.


My game has also froze while opening gift boxes,
I always go to play a game before sending a ticket.
If I have a free play waiting to be used I know I got the gift, but didn’t see it’s contents, and of course didn’t get to send the thanks coins .
The last time I inquired they said they could not send thanks coins but showed me that I got the gift.
Maybe that has changed so yes I would send a ticket.


Thank you Ladies, i will go ahead and put the Help ticket in…:smiley:

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