Not getting coins I win

Is anyone else having this problem? I only get about half the coins I win Some times I don’t get any. Won 15000 coins from perks. Didn’t get any of them.

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What you can do is while you are on the game, click your profile picture and the help, fill in a ticket for your missing coins, expect to wait 4-5 days for it to show up in your inbox

Yes , I played several quests and did not receive my coins and not got wild cards . I purchased a wild card special and did not receive

It has happened to me during over two weeks. Gradually increasing. I didn’t get hundreds of thousands coins. I wrote to ask for help. They wrote back practically saying I was lying. I argued. They kept telling me it was not true.
Apparently they ve given me some coins to shut me up. But I never saw them or noticed them. I have no idea of the amount it was if I got some. Extremely bad customer service.

I have had same problem for months. Also lot of other pblems. They keel telling me that I got what I earned. I did not get it.