Not Everyone is getting the weekly event

What is going on? You now have a pop up asking you to Enter Now to play the weekly event but not everyone is getting that pop up even though it shows that is their event for Monday in the inbox of the News. What is going on? Why try something new when jr has so many glitches?

Half my team does not have the Diamond Dash or any other event for today? Are they going to be reimbursed since they can’t play it?

Hmmm that is new! Tell them to submit a ticket for quests not showing up

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I would be interested in knowing the answer to this as I have the pop up for weekly events, but do not have diamond dash today, and have not received the pop up to join. I have already played over 20 games today and those diamonds arenot going to get counted.

I am having the same problem on diamond dash. What is a ticket?

A ticket is what you will recieve after emailing dfor help. It is like a file number for your records

In the game, go to Menu in the top left hand corner. Once you open that select help. Another window opens up, scroll down and at the very bottom a contact us button will show. That is where you put in a request to get reimbursed for missing items.

Thank you Darlene. I have already done that. Supposedly they are working on it… which translates to, I miss out.

Yes I didn’t get it either I got the one where it says we get it Monday. But the actual game I didn’t get. Sent a ticket

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I’m having that same problem. Events not showing up. Sent in help requests with no real answer. Been having the problem ever since St.Patricks Day.