Noone left out — Humble and Kind is how it is here :)

I have played for years and have been throu gossip, drama, dropped for 26 hours idle when I had been getting all club quests, chats, notes ect. I am upbeat, empathetic to fact “stuff happens. I am upbeat want several co leaders. Don’t mind if you earase my notes put your own! I will never delete you for being idle. Just communicate. I wanna make friends andbe humble and kind. No whips or making feel bad.

What are your requirements and do require cqs? How many players do you have?

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I’d love to join but I cannot find your club. I tried Humble and Kind, Humble & Kind, even HumbleAndKind. :sob:

Put in Noone left out n the search bar, I believe that’s it. Happy playing :heart:

No guests. Least drop in and collect coins, keep up streak, Find chat and club notes.

Cq sometimes only require 6 ppl :slight_smile:. Real laid back. I just had to remove all guests most had 0 tributes and Volcano was erupting all week. And was part of quests. I also clearly told them to change names and how. Now we are really short help.

Try Noone Left Out. I see I am having trouble figuring out the forum here. :wink: