No weekly leaderboard prize

I haven’t received my weekly leaderboard chest today when the leaderboard reset? I’m just wondering how I would go about getting it / why I didn’t get one?

Have you closed the game and reopened it? There should be a red exclamation mark where you check your leaderboard status. Bottom left corner. If you don’t have that still, click your profile picture and than click help, click the still need help, contact us, and follow the steps from there


Hi Tracy

Followed your advise but no luck. Have emailed and am awaiting a reply

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Happened to me as well! I thought I was going crazy!

Oh no! Definitely submit a ticket. I had this happen to me also a couple months ago, It took 4 days for them to inbox my rewards

Support added it to my account this morning. Thanks for your help :grinning:


Definitely contact Support. I received mine today :slight_smile: