No Poi in Coral Coastline?

Is it just me or is there no Poi to catch in the newest island? It’s double Poi day so I thought I’d catch up on some new levels, but it doesn’t seem worth it if there’s no Poi to catch.


No I do not see him either!

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That’s why I came here to see why I couldn’t catch Poi today.

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I noticed that too. :frowning:

I do not get him either since getting to that Island. Has any tried to write support and ask why?

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I just did and will keep this thread updated when I hear back. I first wanted to see if it was a personal technical issue or if it was more general.

Sounds good. Looking forward to hear their respons☺️

I looked for him also, but hes not there. I tried scrolling the entire island thinking he would pop up further down, but he is a no show!

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No Poi for me either!

Interestingly, Poll’s icon shows on the previous island, but he’s not there, either. Those of us on the Coral Coastline just don’t get to catch Poi. Bummer. Should be easy to fix…

Here’s what I heard from Tripeaks support:

“We really appreciate you reporting this issue to us. We’re happy to inform you that we are aware of the issue and it should be resolved in an upcoming update.”


I contacted them too and got the same response. They resolved it but did not fix it. Now Poi will show up until you play one game, then he is gone again so you can never collect double prizes. I am wondering why it took them so long to “fix it” anyway and whether it is worth contacting them again.

But Dad gampel where is he at I need to capture him

That pile he just ran on to the next Island I’m mad at him

I got poi about two weeks ago. Updated game and Then poi was there

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It’s still hit and just for me so I am just leaving that island for a while until another update comes out. Sunday I tried to catch poi and he disappeared on me

How do I catch Poi? When I find him and click on him or the treasure nothing happens.

When you catch up to Poi It brings up your playing Cards. You tap the ones you want. Say you press the top right one it turns over it may be coins like 500 or 1,000 then you press any other one you may want to turn over it can be any where from a booster or a wild. You keep tapping until you turn over the :skull: skull you don’t want that one. That’s it game over. The stuff you turned over is yours. Does that help you. Or did I confuse you?
I sure hope I explained it good enough. I’m not good at that stuff… lol

There are no pois in coral coastline. How do I get to complete poi event today? Please help. Thanks

Said exactly the same to my club this morning I thought I was going mad. Been on both islands right to end & cant find him. Typical thought nice easy win & thought that’s way to genourus of a daily challenge. Should have known better!!

Says he’s On here but no where to be seen!