No more videos? Hope it’s a glitch.

This forum doesn’t seem too user friendly but maybe I’m just used to something simpler.

Well,topic [No more videos? Hope it’s a glitch] says it all I think some of the younger players will leave en mass without this video to give them coins each day. Hope we get them back

Welcome to the forum @Cat61
Have you sent a help ticket threw you game to game services?
I have also noticed the last few weeks videos are harder to access. I’m wondering if it’s because the game has a lot of new users accessing them all at once…
Sometimes I have to back out of the screen and go in a few times before it will give me a video, or even sometimes it will give me a few and then say they are unavailable, I close the screen and go back in and it works.
It is a bit of a hassle but I seem to get them to work.
Best of luck to you.


I haven’t had any problems lately. I used to get the unavailable message pretty regularly. Do you have the most updated version? If so, then I agree, submit a help request in the game. Click on your pic, then HELP and CONTACT US.

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This is the explanation they give on the FAQ page:

Someone had told me to play a game and check again. That usually works for me. But there were times I couldn’t watch for weeks, which really stunk.