NO MORE Scavenger hunts!!!

PLEASE TAKE THE SCAVENGER HUNTS AWAY… y’all have it set up where it’s damn near impossible to get the required number of A’s in this case… why try and fix something that wasn’t broken… please think :thinking: about us mothers who work full time jobs and have a whole house to run but still try to fit a little personal time in between cooking and baths and bedtime stories. We should be able to play either level and still receive the credit for the certain card, especially with y’all rigging it up to not even have not one come up per game’


Agreed :+1: we are busy people

I actually don’t mind these early in the week, after the red star leader board has reset. You can actually play the scavenger hunt and still earn red stars at the same time. When we have them later in the week we are required to replay levels we already earned red stars on and it becomes a waste of time and coins so I don’t do it. I would rather just play tributes for my team. Maybe one scavenger hunt in the beginning of the week would be ok, but the rest of the week, let us choose which levels to play!

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YES!!! I also would like to see the Scavenger Hunts taken away!!!
It eats up your coins. I don’t play them.

I hate the scavenger hunt. It takes forever