No Mins. I play tributes.

I want a good club high in the ranks. No mins I have an issue reaching points cause I do work. I always play tributes and try and complete the daily challenges.

Welcome to the forum and I’d hate to be a schmuck because I like your honesty. But it’s almost like saying I want to go to Harvard but I can’t be bothered to do the work required to stay there.

I think you should just state what club points/tributes you can do on a weekly basis and ask if any club is willing to accept you based on what you average weekly. It’s unfair to high ranking clubs to take on people that can’t meet their standards but there are other clubs that can be a good fit for you otherwise.


Just saw your post let me know what you can reach we say if can hit 25k or higher and over 200 tributes always max on quest and not be idle more then 24 hours we are a platium league and holding 10th our club we are called sonnynkelly

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I always play the tributes so I usually end up with anywhere between 110-175 as long as the cards are being nice I usually get the five each level. As for the points I try to get the most I can get which is like 10-15k. I can usually play everyday multiple times except on saturdays cause I usually go in at noon and don’t get home till like 1030-11pm depending on the travel time due to weather. The only time I go idle for an extended amount of time is Saturday’s because of see above. On the cqs I always try my hardest to max but it doesn’t always work in my favor. Red stars are usually cake for me cause I have a ton of boosters. Hope that answered your questions. It may seem like I am a schmuck like he said above but I do have a life outside the game and I do work, so I am sorry if you bring me into you club but don’t make the max you want per person.

@Alicia_Truax welcome to the Forum.
We are that does have minimums set, we are also a friendly group that has lives outside of the game, we work, own businesses, have children, families and other responsibilities. We do ask that if someone’s going to be idle a while they let us know in the chat or on our team Facebook page if they have joined it. Ideally we want people to reach the minimum which are reasonable by the way; but as long as someone is participating as a team player and they are friendly and keep in touch we are very reasonable. Feel free to come and check us out and see if we are a good fit for you. The team is called “the Pokémon Go” and we are in the Platinum League.

Lynne :smile:

I tried to join but the club is now full. I will keep you in mind if the club I belong to happen to kick me out. Thank you.

I have open up a space for you. Come and grab it quick. If someone takes it message me and I will make room for you x

Tiki Paradise platinum level
Sara is leader.

Come join What’s urdill

Did you find a club? Just Jen is looking for new team members. We don’t have any minimums. We would love it if you like to hunt for tributes. Come join us in Just Jen.