No leader!! Help!!

My club has full membership but only 4 or 5 are active. We only have one leader who has been inactive for over a month and we cannot kick anyone to make room for new members as no one has that authority anymore. What can we do, any advice appreciated.


I guess probably the only option is to start a new club with those members

You can join another club we are looking for active players
We just require 7k minimum at least daily no more than 24hr idle
If you send a request to Win Lots or reply here saying what the name of ur club is i can also send an invite
But pls do note our requirements
Thanks :wink:

Should you choose to join a new club, Lee club is looking for new members. 3,000 daily average and 21,000 by end of week. If you want to do this, just let me know.

You have some choices, but you can’t stay with your current club if you want to enjoy the game.

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Thanks guys, you’ve really just confirmed what I feared. I’ll chat with the other club members and see what they want to do. Requirements are noted thank you.
Thanks again for your input.


If you have not joined a new club, DeathRowRecords is looking for new members who can make at least 25,000 weekly, read chat, and have fun. We make 6 perks with just 20 people playing. Looking to rank higher and get 7th perk more often. We are a fun bunch. 24 hour not playing gets you bumped unless you tell the leaders. We do know that people have lives.

Our club is going through the same thing. We are thinking of starting a new club. Does one of us have to leave our club to start the new one?

Seems so, Sherrie. I’m tempted, but worried about it taking a couple weeks to build a team that can complete all the perks

That’s what I thought Bethany. Thank you for your input. You are right about it taking time to set up but as it stands we are not completing the perks now. Later is better then never! Thanks again .


Let me know if you start a team, I’m happy to join you!


Tenéis sitio libre mi marido y yo estamos buscando so.os buenos jugadores diarios

Will do Bethany! The rest of the club is deciding what to do. Thanks for the interest!

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Hi Bethany. If you are still interested we are trying to set up new club under Here We Go Tiki. But I can’t figure out how to invite the members from our other club

Only way I know of is if you have them as friends for coin exchange.

Thanks Kokua. Sounds like I have to be on Facebook to accomplish anything which I’m not

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Hi Kokua. I read this one first!

There is a way to do it I’m not sure how but I’ve seen it done in our club I’d say ask tripeaks in the ask for help but there is a way to do it if you can’t figure it out sunnys island is looking for 2 players

Thank you @Jeni_Johnson!


Hi @Bethany_Gordon! Just wanted to let you know we are up and running. If you are still interested in joining send me an invite at Here We Go Tiki.