No FB friends to invite???

After my team updated this evening, it seems no one can send invites to people who are our FB friends that aren’t yet playing the game & our friends that do play are there for some and not for others???

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Yeah. My son would like to play with me and I can’t invite him.

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@Tiki-Tahd is there anyway to find out if this is a problem with the game or with Facebook? I have spoken to at least 100 players that all day they are having the same issues. They cannot invite anyone to ply the game. My sister wants to play and it would be nice to be able to invite and get that 15k lol.


I believe its an issue with Facebook, its happening with my other games I play.

Facebook has deleted all friend’s info from all games and 3rd parties due to privacy issues. From what I understand, you gave permission to Tripeaks or any of your other games you play to view your friend’s information. Your friend may not want their information shared with 3rd party companies and because of the issue with 83+ million FB member’s info was released to 3rd parties, FB no longer allows 3rd parties, Tripeaks, to gain access to them.

I can see their point and the point of our friends who did not want or give permission for any game to have access to their FB page.


Thank you, however I am the one who posted this information on the Leaders page post after my CoLead did some research. I can see where they are coming from to an extent. However it’s an easy fix on the FB side. Require your developers to make it clear what information you will be using, and then on the user side, allow people to opt out of being included on in app friends lists. Instead of doing away with it all together and not notifying anyone. Have a good day.