No Drama has open spots available

Tired of getting bootted out of your club or the pressure to keep up at all times? We do well without all the rules. No Drama is looking for new players to join our team. We are an ambitious club with a casual vibe. We ask that you actively play without more than a 2 day absence. Help keep the volcano cooled, club perks and daily club bonuses. We like to chat and cheer each other on. Come join the team and leave the drama at the door. Lol No Drama is a Gold team with a minimum of 5 perk chests. We are currently creating a FB group for our club to help communication and for the ability to help each other out with coins. Solid players are promoted to co-leader because we value their input. We have a great club foundation, just need a couple more players that fit out play style. Come try us out!

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We still have three spots available and we are about to start a new perk week in a few hours. Would love to have some new players join us!