NewTribute Club Quest

Thoughts on the New Tribute Club Quest? Dazzling idea but stakes are in my opinion way too high!

Not had that one yet

I haven’t seen a CLUB quest for tributes.
But I love when I get a personal bonus quest for them as I jump on threw the day just to play a round of those.

We are on a bank week! But hoping players will give it ago, I think it’s pretty awesome! I love my gems!!


I appreciate the blogs and trying to learn everything. Play when I can and figure out what I can. Considering the hours I work

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Ok so now I know what you are talking about -I love gems this would be awesome.
I think something is wrong with mine or it needs fine tuned because Iv found tributes but it shows on the quest meter that I have 0.
Is anyone else noticed this☹️

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Game may need an update

I offloaded app and reinstalled

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