Newish Team looking for strong players

I just started my team back in May. I would love 5/6 core players that love the game and will play for points and keep the volcano at resting. Currently we get 4 perks and are in the gold league. I’d love for us to eventually get 6 perks consistently (:

Someone who can average atleast 15000k points and atleast 60 tributes would be perfect.

We currently have four opens and are a public group.

Club name: TikiGems

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Welcome to the forum @TikiJayx3
Best of luck filling your team, and earning rewards.

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Consider joining Just for Fun. We are in the same league and consistently do 4 perks weekly. We have openings. My team has been around for a few years but it’s a public group.

I am currently looking for 8 players for my club which has been in existence since July 2019. We are also a Gold League team and most of our club members get the minimum of the club rules 10,000 + 50 Tributes. The top 10 players usually get at least 16,000 to 25,000 + club points and 200+ tributes. This week I am at 250+ Tributes and about 13,000+ club points. My club is called Tiki Green Room. If you are interested we can merge. My name is Kawther.