Newer levels booster issues

Right now I can’t select boosters on the newest levels. Also I can’t use volcano cards. In fact it isn’t showing any boosters needed on the newest level


Oh that sounds very odd, I’m not that advanced in levels yet.
Have you sent a help ticket threw the game in regards to your complications.


Hi @Paul_Blythe, welcome to the forum. That sounds like a glitch. If your game is connected to Facebook, I would try uninstalling and reinstalling and seeing if that fixes it. If not, report it in the game by clicking on your pic in the top left of the screen. Then click on HELP and CONTACT US.


I am so distraught I can’t get on my page I am a leader/co-leader because I got sick I gave my coleadership over to one of my best players while I recover from the hospital I go to sign onto my page and it’s not there whatever I do I can’t get on and back to my game I still have so much coins and stuff I just purchased I don’t know what to do please have somebody to help me I’ve called I’ve left messages and text still can’t get on my page please help

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Are you connected through Facebook?



  1. how long has it been since you’ve played?
  2. is your game logged into Facebook or Apple ID, or not at all?
  3. do you have an iPhone or android?
  4. are you using the same device you always have?
  5. have you rebooted your device?
  6. have you uninstalled and reinstalled the game app yet?
  7. if on an iPhone, have you tried clearing Safari cache yet?

I can’t either on my iPad version not iPhone. So I am done playing them