New update on the app

This morning I Done a update on the app. I get 4 woodchest in my inbox but they don`t go click on. Why or is there an bug?

Try closing and opening, I have had trouble clicking on my inbox items also, it may take an extra try or at least close the inbox and open again to try

I’ve closed and opened, I’ve powered my phone off and on. But my inbox tells me there are 3 items and when I go to it, I have three blank items with a chest on the left and an “open” button on the right. Pressing “open” does nothing. So I am not getting any of the daily rewards now.

I quite often can’t open items in my inbox, its a glitch thats been going on for months and the only solution I’ve found is perseverance and tapping the screen a lot and not just on open, trying clicking around where it says open.

You should be able to eventually, myself it takes multiple times, I have better luck closing and reopening the game to collect

When this happens to you, do you have any text at all in the item? Right now, all I’m seeing is a wooden chest on the left and the “open” button on the right. No text describing the reward at all. I’ve had glitches with opening inbox items before, but I’ve always had text then. This time, nothing. That’s what concerns me the most.

Nope it’ll just say whatever the reward is and open, tends to happen with chests and free gifts which do not tend to have any text next to them.

Yes I did the newest update today I did not get these until my free club gift was unlocked, now I have no daily rewards or free club gift and no they do not open …

I’m not sure my ticket will be received…
Is there another way to send info to tripeaks besides the help button linked to the game.

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Hi @Tasha, here is the email address:

Keep us posted!

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@CindyLu thank you … I do believe my tickets went threw as I got the generic reply of 72hrs to resolve. But i save the email address.

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I’m having the same issue now that I’ve updated the app. On top of that I’ve never gotten the friend center

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I’m having the same issue


Same problem after the update.

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I’m having the same issue on the app also using a Samsung Galaxy s10 as Tasha did.

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Support said they are aware, said to try to uninstall and reinstall THAT dose NOT fix the problem
Only thing I’m missing is the free club which I believe activated this glitch☹️ Because this morning my daily bonus and perks showed up I was able to click and receive them but after I did so they disappeared. And the wood chest are still there.
**i have NOT been reimbursed for the lost club gift and will be sending another ticket if my next club gift dose not come threw as my team is about to receive it.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, same problem. Getting quite upset!

This identical thing has happened to my dad after the 6.6 update support team say what till next update to see if it fixes bug

I’m having the same issue. I didn’t get my daily rewards, the krazy king chest and now the puppy love chest. I’m sure we won’t get reset rewards tomorrow either. I’ve written a ticket for each of the three items but no word yet. I’m very frustrated. I’m an 18x club champ and I’m probably not going to make top three this week because of it.

Hokey man, that is not good!!!

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