New update has so many ads

Just updated the game today and keep getting forced ads between games that play music even though I have music deactivated and my phone is on silent. This makes it especially tricky to sneak in a game or two at work or other places like that. Anyone else have this? Any idea how to opt out of it?

Really heard alot of people complain about stuff after update. I never did it yet…lol
So I’m sort of Leary about it…lol

@Maria_Tomassi, I did the update on all of my devices, and haven’t had any problems. A few months ago I was getting ads between games on my tablet, but I didn’t have the sound problem. I’m not sure what made it stop, but it doesn’t do that anymore.

Did you submit a trouble ticket?

This post was made two months ago. The issue has since resolved itself.

Oh, I didn’t even notice the date. Good to hear that @Maria_Tomassi!