Hello to all my fellow competitors! Myself & several others will be starting a new team this week immediately after reset. We are competitive players who have risen in the ranks to legend league before & are hoping to do so again. That being said, we are not a cut-throat group by any means & we know that real life always comes first before the game. We are a kind-hearted, genuine bunch who are loyal to each other, seeking the same in any new players who may join us.

True team players only please! No flakes, fakes, pick up artists lol or unstable stalker types allowed!!! It’s sad that I even have to say that, but we’ve encountered all of the above & are really just hoping to find some nice people who are also very strong players to join us for the long haul on this exciting new adventure! We are a fun-loving, chatty group of people who love to play hard with heart. To join us, you must fully understand that there truly is “no I in team” & be prepared to kick some major butt along with us!!! Several of us typically play well over 100k per week, so over-achievers are most definitely welcome!!! Please see our team requirements below:

• 3k before idle
• Must communicate in chat
• 50k per week min (more is certainly preferred)
• Must play tributes
• No more than 18hrs idle

If you think our team may be a good fit for you, please feel free to reply to this post. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. We look forward to playing with you soon!!! :blush:


The future leader of TheStayTrueCrew :heart:


Like your Team goals & requirements.

I’m VERY HAPPY with my Diamond Team & couldn’t play for Legend but I’m glad to see another Team understand life happens.


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Im looking for a team

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Hi! Well, we just so happen to have 1 open spot left! Feel free to search us out in the game & come on in! Our club name is TheStayTrueCrew. Hope to see you soon! :blush:

Hey Robin - This is DPT. FYI I’ll be coming in Friday. I want to help my current club finish off the week. Thx.

Great! Come on down, DPT. :blush: We should have at least 2 spots open. Go ahead & shoot us a request to join if you would & I’ll give my co-leaders a heads up that you’ll be coming on Friday. See you then!

Request is already there and accepted. All I have to do is make the move when you get room tomorrow. See you then.

Aha perfect! Looking forward it.