New Team - It's A Game

I got tired of the pressure. There is more to life than a game. Somedays I play hard between 5000 to 10,000 points. Other days I don’t play at all. I only ask that if you are going to be gone for a week or more, let me know in chat. No one will get kicked off unless we have 25 members and you haven’t played in a week and I don’t know why you aren’t playing. Other than that have fun.

I’m game - just like to get more than two chests each week. Last club I belonged to kicked me out because I missed a day - our Internet was out. I don’t chat - just like to play.

Barbara if you haven’t joined another team check out Friende. The only chat we require is if you can’t get 2k a day, 100 tributes a week, or are going to be gone for days.