New startup looking for casual players

The leaders are from a ~top 100 club, looking to play a little less. We are seeking players who can follow chat, perk order, get 2k a day with no idle over 12 hours until you establish yourselves. We are a great team, fun, looking for friendship, and have great senses of humor. Let me know if this sounds like a good fit!

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I have just started playing however out of 25 players there seem to be only 3-4 that play. There is never any chat! I would be interested in your group!

Sounds good if you can meet the requirements. We would love to have you!

If I join right now will i lose all progress in perks etc. And do my stats come with me or should I wait until the perks expire?

Yes, you’ll lose your club points and whatever perks your current club has finished, but we have perks 1-4 done, and are halfway through 6. So you can join now or after the perk event ends.

I have 14,315 points and 124 tribute points. I am in Just for fun club. I would hate to lose those. What do you think. Please i am new and just trying to understand the process! Thank you very much. I will be joining your club tho either now or in a couple of days. What is the name?

I am not concerned about losing the perks as we only have 2 and a half. It was just my points

Don’t worry about your points, they reset every week. It makes no difference to a player to lose their club points, as they start fresh in any new club. They, and the tributes count, are irrelevant, and reset, every week. You won’t lose your progress in the game.

Our club is NotAnotherDime it may help if you fb friend me.

Again, don’t worry about your points and tributes, they only matter each week and in the perks. If you join our club now, you will get our perks. Understand?

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Thanks. Facebook won’t let send friend request. Try mine. I am Lanelle Helms. I tried to join your club but got a message sorry i you don’t meet the requirements to join.