New Rest club seeks players

MightyMisfits2 has a new rest club. If you need to take a break and just play the game without rules, minimums, or worrying about idle times, we would love to have you join us. Our regular team is a diamond league team but we need several people to fill some spaces in our rest club. If you think this is right up your alley please leave me a message here or PM me on Facebook. Misfits2 Rest is the club name


Are you still looking for new players? I’ve relatively new but play every day .

Shannimal :blush:

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Hi Shannimal, our team is currently looking for daily players. We are a fun group who love to chat. Are requirements are that each member get a minimum of 20,000 club points and 500 Tributes per week. If you’re new to the game we will be more than pleased to help you out.
Our team name is Lokaho and we are public right now trying to get new players. So come and join us.

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