New Portraits and Double Poi Reward

Just wondering why there aren’t portraits for Tiki Seas and Expert? I like earning portraits for completing levels, and it would be nice if Tiki Seas and Expert had portraits like Tiki Island and Skies. And, why haven’t there been 2018 event portraits such as Valentine’s and Easter?
Also, many people have completed Tiki Seas and rarely get Poi. The double poi days do nothing for those people. You should open many new levels or a new world to correspond to the double poi reward days so that EVERYONE can enjoy the benefits.


I like getting new portraits too. The only reason I can think of, is that they would have to create a new page for the portraits, which would probably involve a lot of programming. Seems they get a lot of requests for fix this, and fix that, make it do this, make it stop doing that… that they probably have a priority scale… and it’s probably based on the squeaky wheel. So lets keep squeaking! :slight_smile:


Why do you want portraits? They are pointless. Would be better if we got rewards for passing islands. Especially on tiki seas since it’s so hard and takes like a million coins to pass an island