New player needed

My coffee break is looking for new player.

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Hi I’m interested in joining a club that actually communicates with one another and helps one another with the game I enjoy playing most of the time I can play everyday so there will be those times where I have to skip a day here and there I’m interested in learning how to gain coins and the other things that we use without having to buy them so often and I love the game.
I really didn’t know what I was doing when I first started and I’m not sure how I got in the group that I’m in but no one ever actually talks or communicates or tries to achieve our quest I’m interested in a group that does that. If I sound like I might be a good match please let me know I will do my best as far as helping out the group.

My coffee break would love to have you. We are a Platinum Team. We prefer someone who communicates.

Just send a request to join or let me know what team you are currently on and I can send you an invite.

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Solitary Fun is a Very chatty group check them out!

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Yes I would :heart::heart: to be on your team. I just downloaded this on my new phone and love this game so much

My Coffee Break would love to have you.

Come join our team…More da merrier …we are an international group, all supportive of each other…rules are not idle more than 30 hours, work on perk order and club quests…come join a great friendly supportive team!

Hi… yes… for our international group we have a variety of players, both experienced and learning… we actively use the chat and give pointers to newer team members…check the club out moredamerrier