New player needed for Diamond League team.

Looking for one more player to join our Diamond League Team sonnynkelly.

We require 5k a day or 35k a week, take part in club quests and help cool the volcano.

We ask that if you’re going to be inactive to let us know as we know life comes before a game.

If you’re interested let me know what team you’re on and your game name and I’ll send you a request.

Thank you :slight_smile:

If you need another player send me a request please and thank you.

Let me know what team you are currently in please. I’ll search for you and send you a request :slight_smile:

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I believe it’s yrhappyplace 2. Question I’m 1st place on the red star leadership board. Will that affect me when I move to your club? Just asking. Still want to join lol.

Your star place doesn’t change just any points you’ve earned :slight_smile:

Okay sounds good. Thanks