New mini match!!!

Has anyone else gotten the chance to play this? For those who have, we were given 10 free plays then it was 3000 coins thereafter.

For those who haven’t gotten the chance yet, it consists of 6 levels. After the first 3, you get a wooden chest after the 6th level it’s an ancient chest.

Personally I love this new addition. I did beat all 6 levels rather quickly. For those who struggle with coins and with specials this is a great way to get both along with free plays volvano cards and wilds. I really hope tripeaks makes this a permanent thing


I received as well & did enjoy it! I do think they can slow down the turn over of the 2nd card shown in a mismatch. It turns back over so fast that you can barely make out what it was, lol. Also, maybe gaining back hearts, such as after making 2 or 3 matches correctly, especially in the upper 3 levels.

The winnings are worth it though!!!

Oh, those 2 gold chests gave lots more coins & rewards as well. :money_mouth_face:


I’m not good at card matching. Was fun when free but need more cards to show up when you get to level 3. Or more misses allowed.


I did get a chance to play this game I enjoyed it also hopefully it becomes permanent


I agree with Jenny that the cards are flipped face up then face down too quickly. Anyone with any vision problems such as cataracts of astigmatism doesn’t stand much of a chance. I have both anI could rarely focus fast enough to even tell what was on the cards. That made it very frustrating for me. I made it to the 3 level and received a wooden chest. As a side game, I don’t think it should cost so much to play.

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