New members needed asap

UK based gold club seeking daily players to complete club quests,open free club gift and collect tributes,if you are interested please come and join our club,we are Full English,we also insist on using chat

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Hi. I am the leader of a platinum club called Team Warriors. How many players do you have? We are looking for the same quality in players. Maybe we could merge? We require 20k weekly, must do club quests and post maxed in chat, 24hrs idle limit and 150 tributes a week. If interested please let me know. At the moment we require 6 players. :slight_smile:

Hi Sharon,we currently have 19 players,but only 15 of them are what I would call team players and have been with me for a long time. Iā€™m am constantly having to remove players for not playing,or not following or simple rules,we used to be platinum league but due to lack of good players,fell back down to gold.Not sure how merging clubs works?.