New mandatory ads???

Just wondering why there are now mandatory ads. I find it so annoying. I like to be able to watch ads for coins but I hate sitting through ads when I just want to play the game.
Please take this off the game.


It’s not happening to me now, but I’ve had that happen before. It lasted about a month. Drove me cRaZy, then it stopped. I think it’s a glitch. That’s not happening to everyone. Maybe try deleting and reinstalling the app?

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Ad’s for coins are not mandatory. It is an option to watch the ad’s for free coins. From what I had read in the Frequently asked questions or the Guide under Menu

It has stopped thank goodness. It drove me crazy! Especially b/c some events are timed.

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These were mandatory. They just happened automatically with no coins as a reward. But they’ve stopped thank goodness.

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This is the last straw in the l camel’s back, when I am forced to watch political ads. I play games so I can de-stress from all the crap I constantly hear. Plus since Tripeaks continues to delete points from my account, charge me for item’s I don’t buy, I am leaving this game.!