New island navigation

I have been given the new island navigation feature. It seems like an improvement but I am now locked out of Crystal Core even though I have completed all levels. Help!? Thanks.

I agree i like the navigation buti was locked out also… but it finally opened

The new navigation is okay, but I’m a visual person and kind of get a kick out of seeing all the islands when moving from one to the other. This new version may be quicker, but not as visually entertaining. I’m sure it will just take some getting used to.

With the new navigation, did you have a choice of which one to use, or do you lose the island swiping ability? I too get a kick out of seeing all the islands when moving from one to the other. Although, when having to go into other worlds manually, that kind of drives me cRaZy too LOL

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How come some got it and others not. I have a person in my club got it but I didn’t. What is up with that? Also that is where the map icon was right?

I didn’t get it until I updated my app. I love it! A much quicker way when I’m also needing to switch worlds. And when I’m collecting tributes, I can easily see which islands they’re on, and can go directly to them.

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Thanks . The thing is. Another member had not updated and decided to after the other got it… and they still didn’t get it. So just wondering. Thank you

Hi @Princess48, usually TriPeaks tests features like that on some accounts for a while before releasing it to everyone. Last time I looked, there were over 2,000,000 (counting inactive) players. If everybody got it at once, and it had problems, they could get a million trouble tickets at once! Then we would never get any help! LOL.


You don’t get a choice of which nav module to use, if that’s what you were asking. They are basically cards with the island names & you scroll through them. The worlds are bars above the cards. It may seem faster, but I don’t think it really is. I have a hard time opening the level I want to play now. So, it’s still a bit buggy.

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True. Lol I was just curious into why I didn’t get it. I got the game thing awhile back. But that’s it

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