New idea of what's happening. Not good.

Sony buys GSN… to put their games on the Playstation. Playstation doesn’t allow for in-app purchases. So… to level out the game they have to punish all of the players who spend money to get them to stop.

So it’s a whole new game.

If I am right, transperency would have gone a long way. The end is near for a bunch of us who play.

Horrible news. 2020 sucks!! Lost my fav game after losing everything else.

Actually Sony has always held shares in GSN, what happened is they bought out AT and T making them sole holders since November. The changes started going crazy before that deal went through so I honestly don’t thing that buy out had anything to do with that, it was all the wine everyone was drinking prior to the deal :rofl::rofl:

Well… seems like the last 53% of ownership was what Sony needed to start destroying our beloved game. The timing is beyond coincidental.

I actually agree with you. Shareholders are looking to maximize their earnings even during a pandemic when unemployment rates are as low as they were in the Great Depression. The greed is so real. And the more money you spend in the game, the harder they make the game for you. I’m not spending anymore money and once I run out of my 6 million coins, I’m leaving. And I’m a very strong club member/co-leader. I have over 50k club points and 1000 tributes so far, and I only play 30 minutes a day. If I played regularly throughout the day, I’d easily score over 200k club points and get over 1750 tributes a week but TriPeaks has given me burn out with all their obvious greed smh

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It always seems easier to blame others when we’re not happy with something. I always find its better to change the things I have control over. This game is controlled by a company which means it’s interested in profits - economics 101. I nave multiple accounts that I use to maintain and even increase coin balances and power- ups. It’s all about strategy. Go back to a lower club and rediscover how much fun this is. Try other clubs and meet other people from around the world. Remember that the more you buy, the more they will try to sell you. Most of all, remember that this is just a game. Best of luck.


I am a software architect and a Products guy. Tech me about a software company’s business 101. I have no experience. Or teach GSN business ethics. They have no experience.

Well it seems like your a man of science then. Test your hypothesis, don’t spend money and see if the games getter better for you.

If that approach doesn’t suit you. Start another game using a new player character and don’t spend money and see if the difficulty is the same. Then you’ll know if your being targeted or the game is equally hard(or easy depending on your perspective) for everyone.


That’s s great idea. It is good to remember that it is just a game. If it stops being fun, find the fun!


Or just quit. Thats the plan since this game has lost any concerns about their customers.

I like you logic Terbear. :wink::wink::wink:


You definitely have that option too!