New glitch: buying extra cards

When I get down to the last 2 cards they freeze. I’ve submitted a ticket, but wanted to check here to see if others are experiencing this too…


Others in our club have said that too


Yes, my end game and buy more cards option disappeared. I was forced to forfeit the game, I did get my coins for what progress I had. I found also by taping my played cards on the stack I was able to remove an extra card or 2 my golden tiki was in the played stack. The odd one was playing on the island that had the hold card, I flipped the cards back and forth and 5 more cards appeared. I am not sure if I got charged for them or not


I think it’s a glitch with a flower card or golden tiki. I’ve found when it freezes, just tap on the already played stack and the extra card comes up. I lost a ton of coins before I figured that out though :rage:


Thanks for the info! I’ll def try this.

Hiya hun - i dont know if you member me because i only noticed I had my Account incognito, i was wondering why my name/pic wasn’t coming up. Anyway you helped me get my advanced user badge by telling me what to do. Thanks!!:grinning:
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You’re welcome @Rowena_Gmer, I didn’t recognize you with your new face lol. and sure, you can send me a link

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This happens to me as well. Just click on the last card you just played and a wild card will turn up or more cards will be added to your stack. I think it’s supposed to be a good thing, but when Tri-Peaks doesn’t tell you how to deal with it, not so much…

I had the same thing happen twice and lost a lot before I figured about tapping the stack too

It’s a new gimmick. Tap instead the spent deck and you should get either golden tiki or 3 more cards added to the ones you are trying to play. It’s actually cool and a bit of a gift.

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This happened to me multiple times and I lost 3-4 games and the cash I spent. The thing that sucked was a would have won those games too. I did submit a ticket and I’m waiting on them to finish everything up and let me know.n

Wish this happened to me but alas my game basically froze. I tried. Nothing.

Yes, I was having the same problem.
I had submitted a ticket and Admin stated that it was a Facebook issue. Which that didn’t make sense. Because the.more graphics that is added, I believe like everything else will have bug issues in the game that must be worked