New “Earn free coins bonus” in the free coins and more tab…

Hi. Does anyone know what the new earn free coins option is that has popped up today?? Pictured here?? image|375x500


I don’t have it on my game so am curious to know too. Have you checked it out yet to see what it is after you posted?

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Looks like you are a tester for this feature!


Agree wondering if she tested it, what’s it’s all about…

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I tired to click it but it wouldn’t do anything. Just brought me to a bonk screen and said something about I will get my free coins in a couple days….It’s been that so I have no idea…I only tried to click it the once cause I was worried it’d mess something up lol

There must be a glitch in the developer’s programming…LOL

I’ve had that on my screen forever. I wonder if you have to reach a certain level before that shows up. You click on it & it sends a request to your friends that play the game.Then the 1st 5 that reply send you 3000 free coins.

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What you mentioned seems like the “ASK” button, which will take you to the “Friend Center”. What @Jessica_Slaven_Smith is talking about is the 1st screenshot, which I finally also got today. When I clicked it, it took me to some offers, 2nd screenshott [i.e.: games, quizzes, etc. that you can try out or complete to earn some coins that you will find in the INBOX, as stated in the 3rd screenshot.


AVOID - DO NOT RECOMMEND! I tried it and filled out a couple of surveys that go in forever until you finally agree to join some email list or receive spam texts nobody wants. It has you jumping through hoops only to get a msg saying your free coins will show up in a few days. NEVER RECEIVED ANY FREE COINS AS PROMISED. It is sketchy and not worth it.


Thanks for sharing!
I was curious about this.

I used it twice, once for til too to get 18000 coins, which I did, then deleted app. Like you I tried the surveys and got to the same place so gave up. The games on offer often mean playing them for a long time to get to the required level- bet you won’t unless you buy items. It’s just not worth the time.

I agree! I tried filling out 2 offers, but quit because both of them asked for card/banking info. One said “we bill for $1, then return it to you to verify your info.” I will not be sucked into this scam.