New Daily Players wanted

DIRTY DUCKS are looking for new daily players, who use chat and join in on our system, we have a hard week and a easy week (being perk 6 volcano week). We usually win gold for the gems then drop back to gold the following week for gems again. We always play tribute trapper and love to play the gold dig and have a system, we do quite well in that and usually get plenty of gems. Were not overly competitive but expect daily play and to help reach goals, were a fun bunch and been going for 3 years, and have made some great friends.

Hi :wave: I don’t like flip flopping to other teams. In fact I never have. I was kicked off the first team I joined. I was new and learning. They have invited me back. But no. I have 7 invites. I’m not the best but I do ok. I’m looking for a NICE team that helps each other and if don’t play for a day i’m not kicked off. I’m a nurse but I usually play every morning and afternoon. Morning with my coffee afternoon with my work out:) so…

We have an opening for a player like you on Passion Lovers! I’m looking to build a team with players who care about there club. A TEAM that helps one another for the enjoyment of the game!

Hi unfortunately we don’t have a place at this moment in time all the best