New Club w/seasoned players in gold looking for competitive team players

Hi! The A Team is barely a month old. My fiancé & I left a platinum team after a year & started a new club together. We currently have 19 players, but we are about to drop it to 17. So we have 6 spots to fill & will have 8 in a day or two to fill. We love it & love the challenge of building a strong, competitive powerhouse of a team that we can take to, at very least, the Platinum league. We NEED active, competitive, communicating team players that don’t mind to take just a couple instructions. Team Requirements: 1k points after entry before idle, qualify for the competitions (10 shovel minimum), complete club quests, have a name other than “Guest”, 24 hours max idle unless you post you’re gonna be off for a certain time, check chat & club notes daily, play tributes, & we definitely want players who will use the chat. It’s very important to be a team player and communicate via chat. We would love to see some new faces. So try us out =)