New club seeks players

Bea’s Bashers is a new club with 3 ex leaders of another club. We want to really compete and make a dash to the top.

If you’re loyal, play regularly and are not afraid to start at the bottom, we are looking for you. Quests and perks are important. Also 1 hour per day in the weekend is requested.

Requirements are 5k per day. 35k pw. New members 2k before idle. Take part in chat is preferred also.

We are a friendly club and you will be welcomed with open arms.

I’m the leader of the Cali Club which currently has 20+ members but all are idle, except me. I play everyday both on my iPhone and iPad several hours a day. I am looking for a club
with active members so I can enjoy the challenge while earning coins. I think I would be an asset to your club.