New Club Seeks Motivated Players

Together We’re Better!

If you are looking for more from your game time, we may be the Club for You.

Join us to Enjoy Many Weekly Rewards along with plenty of support and encouragement. You will be provided with helpful tips and suggestions to make your play profitable and fun!

We seek eager, motivated players - any level and experience - who share our goals and standards of Better Personal and Club Results.

There are no weekly minimum requirements to stress over.

You are a Team Player who enjoys participating in Club Events, Collecting Tributes, Unlocking the Gift Box - and enjoying the rewards in return.

Communication is essential to ensure we stay united in our joint efforts and to ensure you are supported by Our Club. All Communication is posted on the “Club Notes” Board Daily. A must read for all Club Members

Interested? Here are the details on where to find us:
Our Club Name: holiday
Leader: KBS
League: Gold

Question? Just reply to this post.

We’re Better Together!


Our Club - holiday - currently has 2 places available for Players who play.
We are Invite Only.
There are No Weekly minimums required as long as you contribute to Club efforts in certain Events. For example Tributes and unlocking Gift daily.
This is a Club you can grow your game with.
Lots of support and helpful information is easily available to all Members.
Reach out to us here with questions or requests to join.
Enjoy the Game!

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Would love to join! Having trouble finding your club in game. Are there still any spots?

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Hi There. Sorry you’re having trouble finding us. Love to have you join.
Yes, I have 2 spots left.
Here is the information about us:
Club Name: holiday
Leader: KBS
Current Number of Players: 23/25

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Please note our motto now reads:
“Together We’re Better - Players Who Play Of All Levels Welcome!”
Let me know if I can help you further in finding us.

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I would love to join your team

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I am about to change Club back to “Public” status, so when you locate us, please stop in!

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We have one spot remaining on our Team. We are all about helping each Member learn and grow their game. We do have goals and standards, but not rigid rules. If you need a new Team and enjoy the many benefits of effective Group Effort, stop by. Stay and Play! You WILL get PAID!!

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Yes I am so interested

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I will post again when another spot is available. Both spots were taken this weekend. If you have any questions in the meantime, let me know. Thanks for your interest.

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Our Club is named: “holiday.”

The Goal for our Club is to grow our personal and Club Results in a supportive environment.
No weekly minimum required in exchange for participating in all Club efforts -

  • Tribute Collection
  • Club Quests
  • Unlocking Gift in Club Shop
  • Qualifying/Playing Gem Dig (Club Competition)

We are transitioning to new Leadership and seek to improve our regular communication skills through Club Notes. Communication is a MUST! As a result I also seek a strong Ci-Leader Candidate up for the challenge.

You are a player of any level who enjoys the game. As your skill grows, we all win!!

Looking for regular attendance. If you must step away communication by Club Notes required.

Players are not removed unless they are uncommunicative for 7 days (or more), and I will never remove a contributing player. I ask in return the courtesy of A Player waiting until perks are issued for our Tribute Wins BEFORE they exit our group.

If this sounds like the kind of Club you seek, send a reply here.

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Hi there, if you are still interested I have a spot available now. Reply through this thread if you would like to join us

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Our Club and Player needs description is posted above.

We Currently Seek 3 Participating And Communicative Players - including - a Co-Leader candidate.

We are Invite Only. If interested, please reply here.

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Our Club Name is “holiday!”
(Great song, greater Club!)

Leader name: KBS

No minimums. No level requirements.

Collect Tributes
Unlock Club Gift
No “Guest” names, please

Looking for 3 enthusiastic players, hopefully a strong Co-Leader as well.

Opportunity to learn and grow your game and our Club Results!

Perks and Rewards galore!!

Support and help included!

Join now. Open (Public) Club for a short while.

See you there!

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After the current Tribute Collection Event ends, there will be an opportunity to join our Club.

All our Club’s details are posted in this thread for your review and consideration.

Our Club is called: “holiday” (all lower case)
Leader: KBS

If our posted Club Standards fit your Tripeaks Goals, watch for your next chance to join!

Enjoy your day! Enjoy the play!

The Club “holiday” is now open to accept 2 players.

All further details are in this thread or available on request.

Come grow your game and rewards levels with us!

Club “holiday” is now accepting new Players through the club “request to join” feature.

Search our Club, click to ask for invite.

Everything you need to know about our Club is in this thread.

All questions posted here will receive prompt reply!

Enjoy the Play!

Search “holiday”, Club Leader: KBS.

Click “Request to Join.”

Let the fun begin!

See you there.

If you are an enthusiastic Team Player, our Team is l@@king for You!

Grow your personal and Team results while helping to build a great Team!

The requirements are reasonable and flexible.

Search Team Name: “holiday”
Leader: KBS

Once you find us, Request to Join. Then get in on the Wins!

See you there!!