New club needs up to 10 members

Perks A Plenty is a new club started by several outstanding players who broke off from a previous platinum group. We really need some good dedicated players that are wanting to climb the ranks with us. So far this week we are over 120,000 points ahead of the #2 spot in our tournament and are already on our 5th perk. Our rules are pretty simple. Must confirm in chat upon joining that you understand our rules; 1k before idle, 15k a week, 100 min tributes a week. Must contribute to club gift and CQ, post when you max CQ in chat. No idle for 24 hours without notice.
Some of us are pretty chatty, you don’t have to chat if you don’t want too, as long as you confirm that you understand the rules and post your CQM.
If this sounds like the club for you come check us out!! If you are also a new club looking to merge, let’s talk and see what we can come up with.