New club members needed!

I’ve finally made my own club and with 5 ppl we have completed the 1st tribute. I am hoping to get a great group of people who communicate and follow the few simple requirements. Would be nice to get under 500 but I’m not pushing for that until the team is solid and full.

15k minimum weekly club points
Work club quests and tributes daily
Guest, pls change name!
Read notes and actively communicate
3k for new members before going idle
Club gift unlocked daily! It’s free, no reason not to click it and it takes less than a minute to do lol :grinning:
24hr idle MAX-life happens, just looking for communication here. The team will carry you within reason.

Club is currently open and accepting members. Will weed out the inactives as time allows and then will be invite only. Please ask to join if not open! Ya never know! I will also need at least 1 co-leader. I’m hoping the person will present themselves and be promoted within the group but please message me if you would like to be considered! This is going to take some time to make this club just right and fine tweeted. I’m up for the challenge, are you? Come find us today!

Search for—-> Panicked Tiki!

Thanks all! Wish me luck!!!


NJ, I just wanted to mention a couple of things that work for our team…we only have 2 rules - make minimum and let us know if you cant make minimum. Also, not all players are going to actively communicate but that doesnt mean they are not good players! We ask that they say Hi when the join so we know they read chat. After that, we dont care, we have others that love to chat. We dont have a daily minimum because if we do, that player that doesnt make it that day has to be removed, or should be. In our club motto, we ask players to make minimum as soon as possible so we can get to the golden tiki. We usually rank between 500 and 700, completing all 6 perks which is our goal. Occasionally, we get the 7th. We have very little turnover. I think you are on the right track, be patient with players that show potential and swift with those that dont. Good luck!


I definitely appreciate the feedback. I have been in a few different clubs and from what I saw worked and didn’t work for them is how I came up with these guidelines. I am all for changing things up and seeing what works best and have that in a note I believe. Since rn I’m the only leader and trying to get the club up and running decently, I’m trying to be as lienient as possible. Ty again for the feedback and continue to give it :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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When typing in the name, make sure you add the exclamation point at the end as well as the letters that are capitalized must be typed that way!

Panicked Tiki!

Still looking for a few members to fill the spots of those who didn’t wanna complete minimums or work as a team :slightly_frowning_face: come join!!