New club likes tributes and Dig- wants fun players that CHAT

We are a new Gold club with a strong core team, but challenged finding new players that will communicate in Chat. Let us know if the below is YOU or find us and join Tiki-Thunder (please have a name- no guest)

  • Chats and works with a friendly team
  • Loves to dig
  • Loves tributes and perks
  • Doesnt like red star quests or “play” quests- would rather do perks and tributes
  • Wants to have fun with others
  • Loves gems
  • Wants low stress simple rules
  • FAIRness to ALL players - no Favorites and everyone treated the same.

I’m looking for a new group. The group I’m with has changed from a great group to rather giving digs to each other in chat than using chat for game play. My name is Aloha Peg.