New club likes tributes and Dig- wants fun players that CHAT

We are a new Gold club with a strong core team, but challenged finding new players that will communicate in Chat. Let us know if the below is YOU or find us and join Tiki-Thunder (please have a name- no guest)

  • Chats and works with a friendly team
  • Loves to dig
  • Loves tributes and perks
  • Doesnt like red star quests or “play” quests- would rather do perks and tributes
  • Wants to have fun with others
  • Loves gems
  • Wants low stress simple rules
  • FAIRness to ALL players - no Favorites and everyone treated the same.

I’m looking for a new group. The group I’m with has changed from a great group to rather giving digs to each other in chat than using chat for game play. My name is Aloha Peg.

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I would love to bill a great team and have co-leaders Must chat and have a name. 2000 point a day and keep the volcano cool all at while just having fun!!!

Hi! I’ve got another account thats looking for another Team to join! And she loves to do Tributes levels! But right now she only gets 5,000 coins every 4 hours! And she doesn’t like Red Star quests or “play” quests either! Also she loves to dig! But the levels that they give her have been really bad for her to win! Only because she doesn’t have a whole lot of coins for the digs! Because of the Friend Center thing I just told about! And she’s not very happy about that either!Oh and forgot tell! You about the fact that she doesn’t like to be called out in the chat! So if you are interested in seeing how she plays you can see her on a Team called Golden Tiki Hut and her name is CynthiaKey! And then send her a request to join your Team if you like what you see! Ok?