New club (Fun, kind of ambitious AND casual) needs players!

We have 18 members and room for seven more.
We are a VERY tight knit group of players. FIFTEEN of us came from a Diamond club that was having leadership issues. We have been together for a while (some of us for over a year), and are VERY fun and friendly.

We are currently in Rookie league (which is WEIRD for us), but intend to just keep rising. We are ambitious enough that we are heading back to Diamond, but casual enough that we won’t mind if we also drop back to Platinum on occasion.

Our main focus as a team is on having fun.

Our expectation of members:
As soon as you join, pop into Chat and introduce yourself.
Read the Club Ethos in the Notes.
We don’t expect long conversations from you (though they’re welcome), but we DO expect you to regularly check into chat and to communicate when it’s appropriate.

We require 2000 points from new players before they go idle. This shows us that you’re committed.
If there’s a reason you can’t get to 2000 immediately, we WILL be lenient if you score what you can and let us know in Chat what’s going on.
Is it late at night for you? Okay. We get it. (Etc.)

We require players to score 12k points by Sunday eve and 25k points a week to start.
Those requirements are waived your first week, if you join midweek.
We WILL be raising those requirements as we advance in leagues. We will eventually end up at 15k/30k, at least.
We are lenient on the midweek goal, if you score what you can and let us know in Chat what’s going on. (See a pattern here?)

Idle time needs to stay below 30 hours. Basically, we expect people to log in and play every day.
We do have an MIA list. If something’s going to happen that will limit your play, just let us know. We can put you on that list. We stress FUN over being hard core winners.

If this seems like your kind of club, look us up. Our club is called Allied Rebels.
If you respond here first, that’s even better.

If you made it this far, thanks for looking!


We are still looking for FIVE people.
With just 20 people, we’ve completed all 6 perks (early Tuesday a.m. hours) and are waiting for the Special Perk to drop.
We advanced from the Rookie League and are now dominating our Wood League (550k points ahead of 2nd place team). We’re headed for Diamond, and are looking for fun, friendly people who want to enjoy a friendly club.

Thanks for looking.