New club forming **edited**

The club I was in club kind of dwindled away… my leader went AWOL, people were idle for days at a time, others were getting only a couple hundred points a week while I was pulling in 40k. Frustrated, I decideed to start my own club.

I’m not much into minimums and rules. I just want everyone to understand that we have to work as a team. Click the club gift, complete the club challenges, get the tributes, play daily. Do that and the Perks will get completed.

I’ll be there. I believe in leading by example.

There’s only a handful of us now and we’re on track to complete four Perks this week. Imagine the damage we could do to the leaderboard with a full team of 25.

Come join us at Perk Smashers. Be sure to capitalize the P and S when searching for us. :wink:

***** Edited 9/27 *****
We finished four perks last night. 25 of us could easily kill all six, plus the bonus, and have a good chance at making top 100. Come join this dedicated team. And bring your friends! :slight_smile:

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Your club sounds pretty good. I’m looking to join a club that stands by its rules, everyone plays daily, no drama, and gets perks weekly. I will check you out this Friday!

Look forward to having you Rochelle!

Thanks Tabetha! I’m excited to be part of your new group! I will be changing my name to Rhonda (Rochelle is my middle name). I had 2 tripeaks accounts at one time, but no longer!

Okay I will be watching for you. :slight_smile:

I haven’t decided yet whether to leave my club yet, but I will keep yours in mind.

Okay. I have one spot left.