New changes spell doom

In a single day tri-peaks decided to 1) Turn on non-stop ads so they can earn more money by collecting from their advertisers. (Adds which not only pop amidst game play causing complete loss of the hand, but also appear after practically every hand, win or lose. And let’s not overlook that they also eat up earned free play time.) 2) Jacked with the algorithm to make the games unwinnable without multiple additional card draws. 3) Hit an all-time low on the payoffs for personal and team quests. All of this in the same week that they out-lawed helpers by locking them down to one single payout for each team quest while they continue to mandate team quests that require more players than our team has. (To which they claim they can’t do anything to adjust the players required accordingly by team size.)

I personally, as a team leader, spent over 300,000 coins, hundreds of boosters, god knows how many free plays and wasted red star doublers, to eek out a mere 7,000 team points, not for the greedy sob’s at tri-peaks but in support of my struggling team. Perhaps someone in power should take a look at what I have spent over the past 6 months and decide … was this really a good business decision or are you just trying to drive yourself into bankruptcy in less than 7 days ??


Very well said! I’m sure you speak for almost all the players


Wanted to share tri-peak’s response to my post above. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Perhaps uninstalling the game would be my best choice, but where does that leave the team I lead??


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Their reply is a straight form letter


They are robots,I complained and got same reply

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You’ve summed it up. The is not a game that looks out for its players. They are always looking for ways to make it harder and in the end it makes the game less and less enjoyable. This used to be a 5 star game. The only thing that keeps me in it is the people I have met and those I play with. You’ve ruined the game itself. Don’t tell us you have no way of tracking players who join and leave in order to collect perk rewards yet you have no problem tracking players who help more than one club on quests.